"Yuri !!! on ICE" Episode 11, the guest appearance of professional figure skater · Nobunari Oda was decided!

"Yuri !!! on ICE" Eleventh episode, guest appearances of Nobunari Oda, who is in charge of commentary on "Figure Skating Grand Prix Final" with a professional figure skater, has been decided!

【episode 11th】  December 14, 2016 (Wednesday)
TV Asahi late night 2: 21 ~ 2: 51 broadcast (excluding some areas ※)

Mr. Oda is actually appearing on the program as Mr. Oda himself. He will comments on the short program acts by Yuri and others performed in the Grand Prix Final.
He participated in dubbing together with Taihei Kato (the announcer from TV Asahi) who is responsible for the voice of Hisashi Morooka, the enthusiastic announcer in this piece,
and the real and live commentary took place which makes one feel like watching the real Grand Prix Final.

Look forward to its broadcast♪