Stephane Lambiel, who is a figure skater, will appear on the final story!!! He made a comment, too!!!

Stephane Lambiel, who is a figure skater of Switzerland, will appear as his own role on the 12th skating of "YURI!!! on ICE" which will be over (broadcast on December 21th (wed) from 2:21 on TV Asahi). He made a comment, too!!!

【Comment by Stephane Lambiel】
――Please let us know how you feel about the appearance as a guest this time.
I love " YURI!!! on ICE" and the characters of both Victor and Yuri. 
I thought the relationship between those two was wonderful. 
I feel inspirations by looking at them both working together and encouraging each other. 
The animation inspired fans of figure skating and the athletes as well as ordinary people who had nothing to do with skating before and it will trigger their interests.

――How was the post recording?
The actual site was excellent. 
I was nervous because I had no idea how it would be done, but we ended up finishing it faster than we had expected and everything went perfectly. 
I'm really happy I had a chance to meeting all the staffs of "YURI!!!! on ICE". They were really great. I appreciate having been given this opportunity. Thank you very much.